This 3 bedroom brick home sits on a large parcel of land and is now available for rent.

This will be a 6 month lease to begin with with the option of month to month tenancy at the end of the first 6 months. The house itself is pretty basic and straight forward but the circumstances are a little bit different from your run of the mill rental.

This property is going to be pulled down and developed in the next 12 - 18 months. This means that we have slightly different criteria for the tenants we are looking for.

To begin with we don't care if you have pets, bring em along it's all good with us.

We're not hugely fussed if you don't deliver a perfect house to us at the end of the lease, I mean it's just going to have a bulldozer run through it eventually.

What we do care about is that you pay your rent on time, every time.
You can use this tenancy to build your rental credibility and show future landlords and agents that you can be trusted.

Our client is adamant that he doesn't want the hassle of late rent. If you can't pay on the due date every single month, don't apply.

The house will be as is. There will be no upgrades or improvements apart from those that we need to do to comply with our obligations. The client has zero interest in spending money on a house that he is going to tear down if he can help it so be warned, you take what you see.

We will give you flexibility, cheap rent and a chance to build your rental history but you must be prepared to to accept the terms of this tenancy.


  • Air Conditioning
  • Shed
  • Dishwasher