Real Estate in the Digital Age Done right

Here's a story.
There was a house in Queensland that received an offer on Monday. 
Some back and forth and a couple of buyers saw the price progressively rise.
On Friday night one buyer met the counter offer of the Owners and the sale went On the Market.
Another offer followed and then another offer.
The agents, in the meantime were enjoying their lives. 
One was rocking out at the Regurgitator Concert. 
The other was out drinking beers and eating burgers.
The highest offer was subject to sale so the owners asked to take the one the was $500 less and the sale was confirmed online at 9pm on a Friday night. The agents, no doubt, went back to their respective nights and enjoyed their lives while their owner got the full benefit of maximum competition and choice of offers.
This, so much this.
Real Estate done right in the digital age!

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