Why Buyers Don’t Trust The Truth!

by Chris Bellesini (other articles by Chris Bellesini)

This week we listed a new off the plan property located at 1/23 Liverpool Road, Kilsyth. It is a fantastic opportunity for first homebuyers to enter the market but there is one problem, the advertised price of $449,500. First homebuyers who have missed out time and time again on properties are so jaded by the lies they have been previously told they no longer trust when a price is written or know what to believe.

To prove this within 24 hours of launching the property four enquiries were received, each asking the same thing “What is the asking price?” Naturally we thought this may have been left off the advertisement at first for this question to be so prevalent, but upon checking saw it clearly said $449,500.

Each enquiry was answered and when one buyer said “But what is the actual price that you want for the property?” it clicked. Despite our response of $449,500 they did not trust the process, they had heard it all before with blatant under quoting. You know the usual Agent spin about how the market will determine the value and how there is interest at $500,000, blah blah blah.

You can understand why first homebuyers are fed up and disappointed with the buying process in general, but it seems it has got to a point where they expect to be lied to. The annual Roy Morgan Image of professionals survey was released this week and again Real Estate Agents rated are the third least trusted professional (behind only car salesmen and advertising agents).

But what if there was a way Real Estate transactions could become more transparent? What if you didn’t have to trust an Agent because technology could be used to oversee a sale and show you what other buyers were actually offering?

The good news is that the technology does exist and it is only a matter of time before it becomes mainstream. If you are sick of the buying process then you might want to direct any Agent you are dealing with to check out www.marketbuy.com.au. I’m sure you would agree that this removes any doubt of what the real market interest is and is the most transparent way to offer to buy Real Estate.

Oh and by the way, if you would like to purchase the property at 1/23 Liverpool Rd, Kilsyth the price really is $449,500 and we don’t expect it to last very long!

15th May, 2016

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