Where Great Ideas are Born.

by David Stewart (other articles by David Stewart)

Most real estate offices exist for two purposes only, to sell homes and to rent homes. All of their income is derived from these sources and all of their energies are directed to making money. Often there is very little thought that goes into the how and why of the business they are. Rather, it is a ‘make money at any cost and with the least resistance’ scenario.

I understand this thought process and I have no real issue with it. However I like to run my offices a little differently, you see I have made a lot of money over the years in real estate and I found that there is very little satisfaction for me in just filling a bank account.

I need something more, something that provides more of a reason for living than just turning up to work to do the same thing, day after day and in the same way that every one else does it.

I like pushing boundaries. I like crossing lines and I especially like nutting out new ways to do business better.

My office sells houses and we do it extremely well but there is another reason for the existence of Market Share Property. It is an incubator. A place where great ideas come to be born. We challenge everything we do and we don’t use any marketing method without first asking if there is a better way.

Sales people in most real estate businesses are made to toe the line, they are squeezed into a mould but at MSP we encourage our agents to ask why.

Why is it done that way?

Is there a better, more effective way?

We want to challenge our agents to push themselves and allow their creative minds to run free.

We will always be the birthplace of ideas and innovation and one day the idea that revolutionises the way we conduct real estate business may indeed grow from a seed we have helped to nourish.

Either way we will never stop looking.  More importantly, we will never stop encouraging our people to grow to their full potential and help make the real estate world a better, fairer and more inclusive place.

11th March, 2015

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