We Know stuff other Agents Don’t.

by David Stewart (other articles by David Stewart)

When we started MSP we took some mighty big risks. One of the biggest was our decision to only focus on marketing that would benefit our clients and do away with charging Vendors for advertising that we knew only served to promote our brand and did very little for the sale process.

Things like extensive print advertising, expensive upgrades on the major portals and ego centric marketing that focussed more on the agent than the property itself.

We wanted to master results based marketing that solely benefited the sales program. This meant that we had to forgo the benefits of greater and quicker acting brand awareness advertising.

This is a big step for an emerging company but we were confident that our results would ensure that people began to talk about our office and that word of mouth would, in time, more than make up for the lack of Vendor funded brand based marketing.

Our results so far have been outstanding. By concentrating on higher quality web link building and multiple points of online contact we have been able to vastly increase buyer enquiry rates. More importantly than this we have smashed industry averages for engagement.

This simply means that more people click through to individual photos, floor plans, websites, videos and subsequently make contact to view the home.

If you want greater numbers of qualified buyers, in a quicker timeframe then call MSP. We are the company that is setting the pace for the future of online real estate marketing. Our strategies include Google PPC, YouTube, Localised Facebook pages, promoted links, Adwords, single property websites, direct response email, Lead Pages and sophisticated buyer management systems both automated and prompted.

There is no real estate company in Melbourne that can match us for our online expertise and we offer this knowledge to you. The best bit is our marketing is actually cheaper than other agents. We can give you better results, greater competition and fewer costs. Call us, we are the future of real estate and we can give you those benefits today.

26th January, 2015

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Paul Mulligan - January 26, 2015 at 11:18pm

Great Article and very true. Expensive print media benefits the agent, their ego and profile. Pardon the punt, it's like mine is bigger than yours mentality that benefits the seller in no way whatsoever.