We Did It -Even When They Said We Couldn't.

by David Stewart (other articles by David Stewart)

Two years ago we embarked on this wild and crazy journey that is Market Share Property.

We began with disregarding everything we knew about starting real estate offices.

Industry wisdom told us that we needed to spend a lot of our client’s money on big ads. The bigger the better. Online and in print. The theory being that by using the funds made available to us through expensive advertising budgets that you could quickly and efficiently drive higher and higher levels of consumer awareness of your company.

In a congested market this was seen as the optimum way of getting to the top of mind of people who were considering selling their property and thus secure new listings. The issue we had with this approach was that it conflicted with our primary goal of doing the very best for our clients. How could we, in all good conscience, spend other people’s money when we knew there was little direct benefit to the sale of their home but massive benefit to us from a branding and awareness perspective?

The simple answer is we couldn’t and more importantly we wouldn’t. This left us with a significant dilemma. How were we going to replace this source of free (to us) advertising and let people know what we did and how we did it? The answer to that is not an easy one. We are constantly challenged to invent and execute new marketing methods that are both cost effective and maintain our core goal of using our own money to promote ourselves and our client’s money solely to promote their homes.

We have just celebrated our 2nd birthday and we are still here. Despite all the predictions that we would quickly go away and that our business model was commercial suicide, we have defied the odds. Are we the biggest in the area? No. Have we grown as quickly as we would have by frivolously throwing other peoples money around? No. Do we care? No.

We have built a loyal client base that have become staunch advocates of our business and I can proudly say that after 24 months of operation we have not fielded a single complaint from either buyer, owner or tenant. A rare feat indeed.

Along the way we have developed world first software for online offers, created a one off, café style office and we have stuck to our principles – every step of the way.

In 2 short years the REIV has named MSP as a state finalist for both Innovation and Corporate Promotion and the major real estate portal realestate.com.au has named our online offer system as a national finalist for Game Changer of 2016.

Not bad for a start up with high ideals but without the endless funds for promotion gleaned from over selling advertising to their clients.

We have achieved so much in a short period of time but we have so much more to go.

Our online offer system has just been rolled out to New Zealand and we are in talks with agents in North America to start operations there.

We are a little company that punches well above our weight and we have no desire to back off now for the very best years are the ones yet to come.

05th October, 2016

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James Wallis - October 7, 2016 at 06:54am

Fantastic work Dave. I have always enjoyed the different way you approach what you do. You could so easily have become just another real estate agency but with different colours, a different logo and some funky business cards. Instead you turned everything you'd learned over the many years you spent as a "real estate agent" on its head and pursued your own unique vision with passion and commitment. That takes tremendous courage and I admire (& envy) your fortitude in sticking to your guns. I can't wait to see where the future takes you.