We’re Building an Army.

by David Stewart (other articles by David Stewart)

The accepted path to building a new real estate office is to advertise as much as you can. That is use the money you can secure in the form of Vendor marketing to splash your brand in as many places as possible irrespective of whether this brings any real benefit to the Home Owner in the form of genuine buyer enquiries.

We decided on a different and somewhat risky path. We determined that we wanted to grow as a result of consumer satisfaction. We wanted people to not just be satisfied with what we do, we wanted our past clients to feel part of our growth and become vocal advocates for our business going forward.

We understood that this approach would be slower than the traditional model but we also knew that the more people that spoke about us in glowing terms the better our chances were of being considered the “Go To” agency.

It’s been a long road over the last 8 months and client-by-client we have demonstrated a willingness to go beyond the norm to achieve the very best prices and conditions.

As the number of satisfied clients has increased so has the number of vocal hard core advocates for our business.

A long term strategy sure, but one that has a much greater chance of being sustainable for a long time and not one that is subject to drop off if the level of marketing drops off.

This is just what one our happy Owners has to say about us and there are many, many more.

The team at Market Share Property certainly stand out from other agents in their commitment to selling your house for the best possible price, and making sure there is communication throughout the entire process. We were involved from the first meeting and informed of progress step by step along the way. Their reading of the market and creativity in adapting to the changes taking place was second to none. True professionals in every way. We sold our home in only a week and for a price beyond what we were hoping for. I would highly recommend Market Share Property if you are considering selling any time in the future.

Jeanette & Max – Bayswater

We are building an army of people who understand that we bring a whole new dimension to innovative and consumer focussed real estate practice.

31st July, 2015

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