We’re Always Evolving.

by David Stewart (other articles by David Stewart)

As we forge ahead with our innovative strategies we find ourselves always refining our products.

Market Buy is a revolution in selling real estate. It allows purchasers to view, compete and buy real estate from any location using any internet connected device.

We have run this software now very successfully for the last 8 months in our office.

It is now time to take it to the next level. We are working on the design for single offers. By adding to its functionality we are providing a platform that fits well into the mobile obsessed market and gives the power of transparency and convenience to the consumers.

We understand that many agents think this detracts from their offerings but the reality is simply this, many people distrust agents.

Many buyers are forced into uncomfortable situations to buy properties. Most people in the community, when confronted by high pressure, resort to taking the safe option. This can often mean buyers walking away without making their highest and best offer simply because agents try to shoe horn people into a situation that suits the agents and not the consumer. This is generally done to further their own branding at the expense of what's best for the sale.

We think this is the wrong way to approach sales and it is also apparent to us that the needs, habits and expectations of consumers are changing rapidly. We stand as one of the very few agents with the courage, the tenacity and the willingness to not only look for change but also go out and actively create the changes we seek.

Keep an eye out for Market Buy, it’s gaining huge acceptance amongst home owners and buyers and with the introduction of increased functionality you are only going to see more and more of it in the market place.

09th March, 2017

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