Trust your Gut Instinct.

by David Stewart (other articles by David Stewart)

I am about to write something a little bit controversial.

It’s the truth but agents wont want you to know this at all. Especially the big agencies, they’ll guard this secret until hell freezes over.

Here it is. We all use the same buyer enquiry lead systems. We all use the same major property portals and as such we all get the same amount of leads irrespective of whether we are big offices, small offices or anything in between. 

The idea of better negotiators, more access to buyers or any other supposed competitive advantage is, by and large, based in bullshit.

There I said it. Agents know this deep down, even if they wont admit it to themselves.

So who do you choose then?

In the simplest terms choose the person you feel most comfortable with. The sales person that you can relate to and someone who is going to guide you through the process with confidence and integrity.

The person representing you should be the type of person you can relate to easily. You need to have an ease of communication so that when things do get a bit difficult you are able to have open and honest conversations about what needs to happen to secure the sale.

Big promises, fabricated claims and perceived advantages over other agents are more about agent ego than any substantive benefit to you.

If you want a smooth selling process, forget the hype and trust your gut, go with the person that makes you feel comfortable, after all no has time for sifting through piles of crap to find the truth. There are far too many other things going on in life to be bothered with that sort of nonsense.

21st July, 2017

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