Time to End the Deceit.

by David Stewart (other articles by David Stewart)

The real estate industry has a way of doing things. It’s the same way things have always been done and despite some little changes in platform the reality stays the same.

What do I mean by this?

Simply those agents are more concerned with self-promotion than generating enquiry for their clients. An obvious example of this surely has to be local paper advertising. Every single agent knows that there is virtually zero buyer enquiry from this medium. They know it in their hearts and they know from the buyers they talk to.

So why is it still used extensively? There has to be a reason right? Of course there is. The local paper is still very effective for generating future business. By this I mean that many prospective sellers look at their local paper to ascertain who the 3 or 4 biggest companies in their area are. It’s easy and convenient because all the contact details are there and those with the most pages are clearly the ones selling the most, right?

So in effect we now have an industry that thinks it’s perfectly ok to spend your money to get future benefit for themselves at no cost to the agents. That’s right, you as a seller gets no direct benefit from your expenditure but your agent does.

Some companies have tried to distance themselves from this fraud only to find that their prospective listing opportunities dropped substantially. There was one memorable example where a large independent company came out and openly stated that the local paper was a waste of money. A short 6 months later they reversed their policy and now you can find pages and pages of properties back in the weekly editions of the paper.

We don’t and will not advertise properties this way. Does that mean we miss out on listing opportunities? Well yes, it does. Do we care? No. We are founded on the principle of effective marketing for our clients.

We will not sacrifice our integrity for a commission. We will not screw our own clients knowing full well that we are being deceitful to further our own ends.

We are better than that. We thrive without deceit and manipulation.

The next time you flip open the local paper, just remember that an owner has funded every property ad in there with all of the benefit going directly to the agent.

I don’t know what your thoughts are but to me that’s just crap.

02nd March, 2017

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