The Journey Begins.

by David Stewart (other articles by David Stewart)

I have a goal, a vision, if you like. I believe in this unique point in human history where everyone is connected, where relationships can be formed from the four corners of the globe with the ease that our parents connected with their neighbours, that technology will bring us full circle. As we learn to live with Facebook updates, Tweets, Instagram photos and all the other platforms,  we are learning, once again, to connect with people. For no matter how much technology invades our lives, it is the relationships we create and nurture with people who are the core to our satisfaction.

Beyond the devices and the invasive screens are people. People like you and people like me who are learning to use this new tech to create rich and dynamic connections with others from all over the globe. Where we once had a circle of friends in our immediate geographic location, we can now have a circle of friends from anywhere on Earth. This opens the door to greater learning and allows us to open our eyes to realities we may never have considered before.

It is with is mind I intend to put the last 6 months of intense learning into practice in a business sense. I dream of business that no longer looks like a pyramid, with the boss staring down on his/her minions from afar while they toil away to make ever increasing amounts of money for the company with little reward for their efforts. I dream of a collaborative space where the energy and creativity of all those engaged in the business have an opportunity to be heard. Further to that I hope to see all the participants in the venture achieve just rewards for their efforts.

If social media has taught me nothing else, it has taught me that there is a vast untapped pool of creativity, energy and brilliance in the general community and for the most part these people just haven’t had the vehicle to realise these talents.

So the journey begins, to create something dynamic, a business that challenges all the accepted rules and turns every concept you thought was right about business on its head. Stick around, it’s going to be a heck of a ride.

06th February, 2014

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