Something Wonderful Is Happening.

by David Stewart (other articles by David Stewart)

When we started this company we had a plan, a dream even, to give life to a business that valued not only its clients but also its people. We wanted to attract creative and inspiring people to help us make our vision a reality.

I thought we knew what that would look like. I thought I knew where those new team members would come from. I was as wrong as I have ever been and it’s fantastic.

The three new people we have given opportunities to are entrepreneurs in their own right. They have a firm belief that the real estate industry can be better. They feel the need for being better and they are enthusiastic and excited about the chance to effect real and lasting change in the way we do business in this industry.

Each one is skilled in different areas and between the five of us we now have an incredibly well rounded team that are all aiming at the same goal.

We have had applications from Melbourne wide and we have been very selective in who we invite in for meetings. We have been even more selective in who we have offered positions too.

The level of experience, creativity and backgrounds will make for an exciting and collaborative project where we all aim to provide the very best customer experience for our clients while searching for new and better ways to do business.

While each of them have some experience in property sales, their backgrounds range from web design to development projects to property management and small retail business.

This next phase of our evolution is going to be an absolute blast. I can't wait to see what these exciting, innovative and creative people come up with. It’s going to be an awesome ride!

04th December, 2014

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