by David Stewart (other articles by David Stewart)

In today’s tech savvy world we need to think about how our customers want to interact with us, the agents.

For many years now consumers have viewed agents as little better than pond scum. We drive the nicest cars and wear the best suits to try and convince ourselves otherwise but the pure reality is that the general public holds us to a very low standard.

Why is this? Simply it’s because we have not adapted to the changing habits of consumers. We have continued to trick, manipulate and big note ourselves at every available opportunity.

News Flash!

They don’t care what we drive. They don’t care how big our house is and they really don’t care about your Rolex!

What the average person on the street cares about is openness, transparency and reliability. The tragic fact is that most agents actually do this pretty well, but it is not effectively communicated to the general public.

We need to be seen to be moving with the times and providing opportunities for consumers to work with us in a way that is convenient and trustworthy. They need us to represent the properties we sell in a straight forward no nonsense fashion and our home owners need us to provide the tools they need to reach the most people we can and give those buyers the confidence to approach us with a view to buying these properties.

Change is in the air and everyday a new player enters the industry promising to do this and do that. Uber, game changer and disruption are bandied about so often you would be forgiven for thinking that each day we wake up we have a new threat to our business.

This is simply not the case, we just need to listen to the people in our community and respond in a way that engages them and builds trust that we are at adept, necessary and provide real value for money for our services.

If you can do that then people will gravitate to your business.

Truth, honesty and openness should be the buzzwords of our industry and it’s time we took these to heart and implemented them across the board.

21st June, 2016

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