Nearly There

by David Stewart (other articles by David Stewart)

Our new office will be ready for unveiling in just over a week. This concept has taken just on 12 months to bring to reality. We have had some ups and some downs in making our vision a reality. There have been many temptations to take the easy path in the form of franchise offers and even some lucrative opportunities to work in corporate environments but through the whole process we have stuck to our guns and forged forward.

At times we have looked at each other and wondered if we were as crazy as people said we were. After much self evaluation we have come to the firm conclusion that we are, in fact, every bit as nuts as people think we are. The difference this time is that we are prepared to embrace our uniqueness. We are prepared to use our natural inclinations for massive disruption and release all that creative energy into our business.

You may or may not love what we do but you won't forget us. There is no chance we will get lost in the clutter and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

08th August, 2014

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