Move, Adapt, Survive and Thrive.

by David Stewart (other articles by David Stewart)

Many people ask me if being a smaller office and start up is detrimental for our Vendors in the selling process. In simple terms the answer is no. In fact it is quite the opposite.

Big brands and large franchises are cumbersome and in a lot of cases they are mired in procedures and practices that date back many years if not decades.

These companies find it very hard to change. Especially now as the speed of change in our society is only accelerating, being stuck in one of these leviathans is a distinct disadvantage.

As a small operation we are nimble, pro active and we are simply not afraid of risk. We are willing to experiment and try new things. If they don’t work then fine but more often than not we find new ways of listing and selling that is simply beyond normal practice and far out side the comfort zones of large companies. Even if they thought of them, there is no way they would take the risks to implement their ideas.

At MSP we are risk takers, dreamers and action orientated. Our crew have a passion and fire that pushes them to constantly seek out new and innovative ways to market property. We will never be idle and we will always be at the forefront of tech based marketing.

Our expertise in this field is already years ahead of our competition and there would not be another company in Melbourne, if not Australia, that has the accumulated skills we have in the field of online marketing.

Just like the dinosaurs, the old guard will slowly but surely die out. In the new, modern and communication driven world the smart, quick and adaptable companies will be the ones that thrive.

Make sure your agent is one of the new breed and not a lumbering fossil just waiting to be killed off. 

19th February, 2015

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