Market Share Property - The Why.

by David Stewart (other articles by David Stewart)

MSP was born with a single vision in mind, innovation. At our core we are agents who, collectively, decided that the way things were done in real estate was broken. The relationship agents had with consumers and, indeed, each other was fundamentally flawed.

We were established, not so much to be the biggest but to aggressively challenge the industry. We started from a clean sheet of paper and then wrote down everything we knew about the industry and how to establish a successful office. We stared at it long and hard and we memorised every line. Then we scrunched it up and threw it in the bin. The words we memorised served as warning signs of what not to do.

We then took out another blank sheet of paper and wrote down what we wanted a real estate to office to look and feel like. We discarded any thoughts of how we would be seen, we dismissed any thoughts of how our consumers would see us and we completely and utterly abandoned the fear of not being liked. We only held one core rule. To do the right thing by everyone we encountered.

From this start we knew we had something valuable. We have started a journey that had never been attempted in real estate before. With an absolute disregard for what others may think we designed the ideal office, with the ideal systems and put in place our core principle as an ever-lasting rule.

We knew it would be hard. We knew people would snigger and we knew that our success would be determined by how resolutely we stuck to our one rule, for this would be the underpinning of everything we would do in the coming years.

In keeping with this no limit ideal of innovation we very quickly recognised an issue with how current real estate transactions were handled by agents. We could see that buyers hated us and Vendors had such a deep and unbridled mistrust of our industry that there seemed only one way forward. That way was complete transparency.

So we looked around at a digital platform that would allow us to bring transparency to each and every transaction. Could we find it? No. The industry seemed swept away with the next bright and shiny object but these were just baubles on a Christmas tree. They held no advantage to anyone, they just fed an industry that were desperately searching for ways to differentiate themselves in a sea of sameness.

We wanted to achieve real process driven change. A fundamental shift in the way we interacted with our clients and consumers. To do this we had to build some software. Radical software that had never been attempted before. The capacity for people to make offers on an online platform that provided security, the all important transparency and obviously ease of use.

We sunk many hours and many dollars into the venture to emerge after 12 months of development with Market Buy. We tested it extensively in trial sales and it worked seamlessly. We tested it in real life sales and it performed even better.

Two weeks ago we released it to the wider world and it has drawn some amazing attention. In the short time we have made it available it has been picked up in Christchurch, New Zealand, we have been named as a top 3 finalist in a national Game Changer award and our office is now a state finalist for corporate promotion.

This is just the beginning of our journey. We have so much to achieve and the real hard work starts now. MSP is here to forever change the landscape of real estate.

Come along for the ride, it’s going to be a blast.

23rd September, 2016

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