Killing Bugs.

by David Stewart (other articles by David Stewart)

At MSP we have worked very hard to create an office where the people who work there don’t actually have to be there. I know right, that’s weird. It’s not as odd as it sounds. Sales is a business about meeting people and making sure that you have the ability to react to enquiries and customers in a timely manner.

In a traditional office set up many agents are tied to their offices simply because they do not enjoy the infrastructure to work remotely. This places some pretty big limitations how effective agents can be outside of normal working hours. It also ties them to an office for 8 hours a day when in reality most of that time is spent waiting for the phone to ring and gearing themselves up for the frenetic burst of activity that occurs when sales or a new listing is getting closer to fruition.

We know that much of the real estate business takes place outside the traditional office environment, it mostly happens at homes and in other people’s living rooms so we wanted to make sure that agents had the tools to truly enable them to work effectively from anywhere.

Sounds easy? It’s not, it takes a large investment in hardware and networking to get to a point where an offsite agent has the same capacity to work as they would in the office itself.

The ability to access contracts, vendor statements, adverting portals, databases and third party suppliers 24 hours a day from any location has taken some working. We have had to find and eliminate more pesky bugs than I care to name but we got there.

MSP’s office is now a simple hub, a meeting place for clients and agents to gather and discuss their business. It is also a drop in centre for agents so that they have a central home base to use. For everything else they can work completely offsite. They can work from home, in the car or at clients homes.

In this day and age all real estate agents should be embracing the technology available to them and at MSP we have just made our agents infinitely more flexible and effective.

30th August, 2014

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