Just Keep Rollin'

by David Stewart (other articles by David Stewart)

In the last couple of months since we embarked on the path to creating our new venture, the challenges have come at us thick and fast and we have only just begun! Office space that was almost secured and then the owners decide to sell; companies that we rely on that suddenly change tack and a myriad of other little obstacles that have surfaced to test our patience and our resolve.

Sometimes, Leesa and I look at each other and we smile because we know that this is the way it is meant to be. We know that with every victory we get and there have been some significant ones, the problems that confront us are there to test us. Once you decide to take complete creative control over your own destiny and decide that second best will no longer do, it becomes necessary to develop the patience to allow the plan to evolve in its own unique, weird way.

We find this difficult because neither Leesa nor I are particularly patient people. When we decide to do something we kind of want it done yesterday and if yesterday is not possible then the end of today would do nicely. The trouble with this approach is that you end up compromising a lot of your original vision just to get stuff in place and one of the hardest lessons for us to learn is that for things to be done right, and by right I mean true and consistent with our vision then the required time needs to be allocated to allow for the road blocks, the hurdles and the general crap that the universe throws at us to be sorted out.

We are learning this lesson and I think that this process will give us another arrow to our ever-increasing quiver of skills. Patience is a much underrated skill and believe me, for people like us, it is indeed a skill that needs to be learned.

So while today has thrown some disappointments at us from a couple of angles, we view it as just another lesson that needs to be learned and one that is much better learned now during our creation phase. Tomorrow is another day and one that promises more break throughs and us moving ever closer to our end goal of a truly revolutionary real estate office.

14th April, 2014

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