It’s A Little Bit Awesome.

by David Stewart (other articles by David Stewart)

The first few weeks of our company have been a whirlwind of activity. We have had the pleasure of meeting and dealing with some outstanding people and along the way more and more people are starting to notice what we are up to. We were recently named as one of 6 state finalists in the REIV Awards for excellence for Innovation and while we didn’t win on the night, it was just epic to make the cut in the first few weeks of our opening.

The most outstanding aspect of the first few weeks, however, has not been the recognition or the industry praise but it’s been the impact we have had on our suppliers, customers and clients. We represent a departure from the stereotypical real estate model and instead, we embrace the ideal of treating everyone we work with as we would close friends.

We love that we can just be us. More than that, we love that people enjoy the fact that we are just ourselves. No claims to be more than we are and no desire to fit into anyone else’s mould of what we should be. We offer advanced sales skills, cutting edge marketing, decent coffee and we do it with a smile, and if we can have a laugh and joke along the way then all the better.

What do we deliver to our clients? We are the alternative to every cardboard cut out agent you’ve ever met. If you are happy with what you have seen and experienced in your real estate dealings, then you don’t need us. For those of you who one day hoped for something better, that day has come.

24th October, 2014

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