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I first met and sold an Investment Property to a Gentleman 15 years ago, I had only just become a Real Estate Agent at the time and a friendship was formed that has continued to this day.

You might well say, “So what is so special about that?”

Well in the past 15 years this gentleman has bought and sold around 10 properties mainly in the Maroondah area, including buying another investment property today. Of all these purchases and sales I have been indirectly involved in about half as an advisor or as a list/sell Agent.

Still not impressed are you!

Okay how about if I tell you that this Gentleman will be 100 years old this year!

Now you are interested, aren’t you?

This amazing man, and his just as amazing wife, yes wife, have had a huge impact on my outlook on life and I will give you a very brief insight into this incredibly modest mans history.

I am nearly 40 years his junior and I struggle to have the energy that this Gentleman has, not to mention his Positive outlook on life.


This amazing Gentleman is not wealthy, in monetary terms, and lives with his wife in a modest suburban home on his ¼ acre block and goes about his life much like the rest of us do with no special treatment or favours. The biggest difference is that he loves what he does and has no high expectations in life and is more than happy to go about his life without notoriety. He hates being the centre of attention, and is happy to keep a low profile.


The point and lesson I am trying to make is that we are only as old as we want to be and our outlook on life is sometimes clouded by our own negativity.


Meeting people like this in my Real Estate career is why I still do this job, I love the interaction and being able to assist, even if only briefly in their lives. If you surround yourself with Positive people, like this amazing Gentleman, then you will most likely find that positive and good things will happen to you.

And if you are feeling old and tired then think of this story and get up and do something positive.

13th April, 2016

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