Houses are our product, people are our passion.

by David Stewart (other articles by David Stewart)

I have been a real estate agent for my entire adult life. As a university drop out I was yearning for an exciting career, one that didn’t lock me into a desk or force me to repeat the same mundane tasks day after day and in real estate I found just that. A job that provided endless changes, challenges and enough excitement to keep even a hardened adrenalin freak like myself satisfied.

In my 15 years I have been a salesman, a sales manager, a partner in a large franchise, a single owner of two franchise offices and an owner of an independent office. During this journey I have come to appreciate all that is good about the real estate industry and also to recognise that the people who make up its core, the sales people, the property managers and the administration teams are some of the most dedicated and committed people in the Australian workforce today.

I know what you are going to say, “Bloody real estate agents, they’re just glorified used car salesman”, but this belies the truth behind the public perception. Like any industry there are those within real estate that should move on but on the whole the people that dedicate their lives to this industry are hardworking and honest family people who are trying to deliver the best outcomes for their clients, often at great personal cost. The role of an agent, whether in sales, rentals or administration involves great patience, strategy and a willingness to complete the work at times that often rob the agent of personal time with their families, friends and loved ones.

It is no easy feat to once again miss out of the family BBQ or be late to a child’s birthday due to Open For Inspection, late night contract signings or just steering your clients through what can be the most frightening and confusing transaction they will ever undertake. We take on the frustrations, the fears and the uncertainties of buyers, vendors, landlords and tenants with a stoic mindset and a real objective of delivering positive outcomes for all involved.

So next time you talk to an agent late on a Saturday night or during the afternoon on a Sunday just remember that the person you’re talking to has probably just stepped away from their family or friends to take your call and that despite the public perception, that person is committed to a favourable outcome for all.

03rd February, 2014

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