Fire Up!

by David Stewart (other articles by David Stewart)

For many agents, the day to day grind of working in a real estate office is only broken up by the highs of sales and the thrill of listing new business. Sadly the other portions of their day consist of long droning sales meetings, office enforced training sessions and outdated work practices that stifle creativity and promote excessive burnout.

We think it should be different.

We know that a competitive and successful sales career takes time and motivation. We know that the phone calls need to be made and the small things have to happen to ensure continuing success. We just don’t think you should be forced to do it in a cubicle surrounded by bosses that don’t listen and staff that don’t care.

We believe that great sales people thrive when given the freedom to market themselves, work their own hours and are provided with options for training so that the individual is able to choose what will work best for them in their own career path.

The people who strive for the best and push the extra mile deserve the room to create their own personality within a brand and the freedom to structure their own time around what works best for them and their clients.

We are looking for the best agents to take on the challenge of a new breed of real estate office. You will need to be self-motivated and you will need to bring your A game and in return we will provide the most technologically advanced systems, the best office environment and innovation that will blow your mind. We don’t want part timers or pretenders, we want hard chargers and game changers and we also want to pay you more.

Call us, we’re about to unleash on the Eastern Suburbs and we want the best of the best to join us in a real estate revolution.

16th July, 2014

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