Ethical Advertising.

by David Stewart (other articles by David Stewart)

Real estate is an odd industry. It’s one where the interests of the agents are often put before the interests of the client. Agents spend vast sums of other people’s money on marketing. The interesting fact is that many people within the real estate industry freely admit amongst themselves that much of this money is geared exclusively to bolster their own profile in the local market.

They justify these high levels of expenditure to their clients with such lines as “We need to cover all the bases” and “ You wouldn’t want to miss that one buyer that may pay over the odds, would you?”

These blatant scare tactics are aimed at ensuring that the status quo of clients funding company advertising is not disrupted. Many affiliated companies in the marketing sphere of real estate are often cross-owned and this further entrenches the deceit.

A good example of this is the parent company of both the Leader newspapers and popular website is News Ltd. Even the tech-based company’s benefit from having agents using their mediums to further promote themselves at the expense of home sellers.

There is little to no independent research to provide meaningful data of the return on investment of the various advertising mediums and the media companies themselves produce what is in the market place and as such, they must be treated with extreme caution.

Market Share Property believes that any advertising must be solely directed at ensuring that the Vendor gets maximum benefit. We stand, almost alone, in the industry in saying that our profile will be built by our excellent results and not on the back of spending your hard earned money promoting ourselves.

We believe in marketing, we just believe that it should be targeted, quantifiable and ethically used.

Our results speak volumes for our strategies and we are at the forefront of a rapidly changing market place. Don’t be left behind, call the leaders in real estate innovation.

15th April, 2015

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