Do you even need an Agent?

by David Stewart (other articles by David Stewart)

The world has changed significantly in the last few years. One of the biggest changes has been the availability of information and the ease with which people can access it. It means that, whereas once consumers were heavily reliant on industry professionals to provide market information, that same information can now be easily and accurately sourced from the net in a few swift mouse clicks.

So, in an industry like real estate, why shouldn’t a Vendor lodge their own ads online and go for it? I mean, surely the cost savings in bypassing an agent must make the whole exercise a worthwhile experience? In some, isolated cases, the answer is yes, the Vendor can sell their home easily and much more cheaply without the services of an agent. And that’s great for those people who are able to do it.

The reality for most people is that selling your own home is fraught with pitfalls and problems, many of which have the capacity to cost you tens of thousands of dollars off your eventual sales price.

The biggest reason is simply that selling well is an art form in its own right. Anyone can sell and but very few can sell well. The art of salesmanship is something that is learnt and fine tuned over many years. It takes patience, planning, forethought, stamina, empathy and an analytical mind to be a consistently good sales person.

You need to know when to push, when to back off, when to create the vital sense of urgency all without crossing the line into over selling. Many buyers in real estate want to be sold to, they just don’t want to know it’s happening. They like the cut and thrust of high stakes negotiating and they want the exhilaration of securing a house worth many hundreds of thousands of dollars. It’s just that they want to feel that they are in control.

A great salesperson steers the transaction and uses the available knowledge like a poker pro. You have to know when to hold your information, when to fold and when to push all in. All of these things have their place in a negotiation, the really tricky part is knowing when to employ the various strategies to achieve the desired result.

A top of the line sales pro is therefore essential to your successful transaction as they will ensure that the optimum conditions will be created to generate the very best prices and outcomes. So choose an agent to sell your home, just make sure you choose a great one.

04th September, 2014

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