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by David Stewart (other articles by David Stewart)


During the course of my career in real estate I have filled many roles. I have won awards for sales and listings with a large franchise as a sales person. I have been a Sales Manager, a Co Director and then a Sole Director of franchised offices that have all won awards for customer service, sales performance and growth.

I later set up and ran a boutique independent office that experimented with new marketing techniques and set new benchmarks for innovative use of video, online marketing and alternative media.

All of this has taken me on a 15 year ride where there have been many ups and some downs. Over the course of these years I have learnt a great deal about sales, business and what it takes to create something that not only nourishes your bank balance but nourishes the soul as well.

This latest venture is by far the most exciting that I have ever been involved in. As we come closer to the opening of our first MSP office the level of excitement builds and I know this excitement is because of one simple reason. All of my learning, all of my experiences in real estate and all of my creativity and heart has been sunk fully and completely in this new venture.

We have taken no short cuts nor have we made any compromises in bringing the concept of Market Share Property to life. I am and we are the sum of our past experiences and MSP exists because we know the consumers in the Eastern Suburbs deserve a modern, flexible and dynamic agency to take the hassle and unknowns out of the sales experience.


21st July, 2014

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