Change the Rules.

by David Stewart (other articles by David Stewart)

We are the rebels, the unorthodox and the dreamers. We are the ones who are told that our ideas will never work and we should just get back in line. Where most of our industry looks to emulate each other and tread a very safe and secure path, we look at the practices of real estate sales and break it back to its basics so it can be rebuilt in better ways others haven’t considered before.

We will never follow the accepted rules of an industry that has become so lacking in originality and true innovation. We will always strive to try the crazy idea, explore the new ways of conducting business and we will travel to the four corners of the world to find new inspirations and connect with like-minded people.

To truly grow, you must take risks and those risks are not found in mimicking those who come before you. True risk taking is moving off the beaten path and forging a new and unique direction that, while it may seem mad to others, provides the greatest opportunity for innovative breakthroughs and paradigm changes.

We are Market Share Property and we are going to show you how to Buy. Sell. Better.

09th July, 2014

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Mark Dwyer - July 9, 2014 at 10:32am

I admire the courage of of the way this bloke thinks. David Stewart is a pioneer. I'm happy to be quoted on what I have said many times... '...most challenges or obstacles can be overcome in the business of real estate sales by simply examining what others do and then taking the perspective of paradox' I don't think one should be different for the sake of it but in the industry we frequent this if often the path to take. David may appear rebellious but he is in fact a true innovator. He takes the business of creativity seriously, meticulously researching ahead of design and ultimate implementation. Take note of this BLOG people as to be sure, 'you might not know yet what you think you understand' And this bloke provides an opportunity to help you grasp and foresee change and how you might adapt. LIST n' Sell ;-) Mark Dwyer - Real Estate sales Trainer

↳ reply David Stewart - July 9, 2014 at 11:17am

Thanks Mark, just to clarify, our differences are not created for the purpose of just being different as that would lack any authenticity. We simply got tired of trying to fit a pre determined mould so we decided to create one. Our structure and outlook is very consistent with our view of the world and for the first time we have created a business that truly reflects us and the things we love such as high technology, raw honesty, flexible working conditions and the abandonment of an ego centric business.