Birth of a Brand.

by David Stewart (other articles by David Stewart)

This week has been an exciting one for our little start up. We finalised our logo, our tag lines and we got closer to our first ad. The rough artwork is there but there are some minor tweaks that are needed to give it the right feel.

Our logo perfectly represents our desire to be held accountable for our results by the consumers. Gone are the days of looking for validation within the real estate industry. It does not matter how many agents like or don't like what we are doing, it does not matter how many agents like our pages and it certainly does not matter what other agents say about us.

What does matter are the results we are able to deliver. What does matter is that the consumers of real estate have an opportunity to be represented by an agency that embarks on the best and most innovative marketing available that serves to best promote their property rather than promote just the agents and their egos.

This ideal is perfectly represented by our talking bubble logo. How successful we are or aren't will be determined by what our clients say about us in their social circles. How well we listen to them and put into practice innovative and forward thinking ideas that create optimum sales results will be the barometer that we live or die by.

The name itself represents two ideals for our company. Market Share represents the hope of a successful operation and the Share itself is representative of our plan to share a much higher percentage of the proceeds with our employees who we will regard as shareholders in the future prosperity of our agency.

Business cards, web sites, photo boards, employment structures, office layouts and the technology that runs the office are all aspects of the real estate business that we have taken back to the drawing board and these too will be subject to dramatic changes to allow us to deliver on our promise of a truly revolutionary real estate experience.

Stay tuned as there are some very exciting things to be announced over the next two or three months. Our first major advertising push is scheduled for June and between now and then we expect to roll out some really awesome stuff.

20th April, 2014

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