Award Winning Office

by David Stewart (other articles by David Stewart)

We are 2 years old. Just a baby. In that time we have been recognised multiple times for our innovative and highly effective business structure.

Most recently we won the REIV Corporate Promotion Award. We were ecstatic with this recognition of our efforts in promoting our office. This is even more of a feather in our cap given that we have a strict policy of using only our own money to promote ourselves and we steadfastly refuse to follow the industry norm of using our client’s money for self-promotion.

This award proves that a real estate company can effectively promote their services without relying on overblown advertising budgets of their clients to create brand awareness.

After all, we were built on the premise of using technology to our advantage and to prove to homeowners that most of their current advertising budgets were dedicated more to getting their agents faces recognised than the properties they were tasked with selling.

The second award was held by the REA Group, the owners of, and we were nominated as a National Finalist for Game Changer of the Year for our ground-breaking software Market Buy. While we didn’t win this award we stand proudly by the fact that we were one of the top three companies in the country for innovation. This is a big deal given we were up against a national franchise and a 10 office network in New South Wales.

So while we are very young, we are leaders of our industry and we will continue to strive for excellence in everything we do.

We have only just started to hit our straps and the future looks very bright for MSP. We will endeavour to always push the boundaries of real estate practice and continue to lead from the front.

02nd November, 2016

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