Are Politicians and Real Estate Agents all that different?

by Chris Bellesini (other articles by Chris Bellesini)

Let’s face it, on the whole we don’t trust Politicians. During the election campaign they promise the world and ask you to choose them because they will look after your needs. Once they are elected, they are given a huge amount of power and many of these promises are never fulfilled because whether you like it or not, they now have the job.

Unfortunately many of the promises they made were never goning to be fullfilled. They stretch the truth on many policies so as to not let the truth get in the way of a good story.

Real Estate Agents are no different. Did you know that some training manuals from the early 2000’s literally said that once a vendor signs an authority to sell a home you should start to condition them to accept a lower price. In other words promise one thing before being elected, and then backtrack on your promise once you are in power and have the job.

Be honest, right now is there a Politician you want to vote for that you trust 100%? The same goes for a Real Estate Agent, is there an Agent that you trust 100% to do the right thing by you? You are selling your biggest asset and have to put it in the hands of an Agent who may be a great campaigner but breaks promises once elected is very dangerous.

Even the best Agents can be blinded be the allure of making a quick dollar. They charge for inefficient marketing, encourage an auction when it may not be the best method to sell your property, and provide a lack of service despite demanding a huge commission cheque.

The good news is that unlike an election where the majority of votes win and you may be stuck with a Politician you did not choose, with a Real Estate Agent you choose personally. On the outside they can present well but be wary as often they go missing once an authority is signed. It is an important decision and you want to be sure that you research them and see if past clients say they can deliver on their promises.

Our foundation is based on exceptional service and results and that is a core promise we will never break.

24th June, 2016

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