Always Plugged In.

by David Stewart (other articles by David Stewart)

I had some time this morning to have a coffee and think about my morning routine and it occurred to me they are some things that had wormed their way into my life quietly and slyly.

I realised that as I woke up, the first thing I did was reach for my phone. I checked my emails while I turned the kettle on, I answered some, I checked messenger and finally at a sneak look at Facebook and Twitter. Facebook gave me a funny Dog video for the morning earning a small chuckle.

Then it dawned on me that without thinking about it, in the space of 15 minutes, I had opened my laptop, checked on a couple of games running on my IPad and spent a heap of that time on my phone.

I was consumed by my connectivity to the entire world, from the atrocities of the Middle East to the ballooning success of Donald Trump. It was all there in front of me.

I knew who had listed what and where in all of my surrounding suburbs within minutes.

That is our life now. Most of us are plugged into the net in one form or another for pretty much 24 hours of the day.

This is the new frontier. It has made billions for many in the last decade with the founders of Apple, Google and Facebook leading the charge.

The real change is the way it is impacting on the everyday person. Not only do we get whatever information we want when we want it but we can also project our own persona into the wider net.

We can follow people’s lives, even if we don’t really know them, and we can look up almost anyone and get basic information on them.

The future of business leaders will be those that embrace, implement and master strategies that use these new opportunities to get better and more efficient outcomes for their clients.

We will continue to evolve and learn. It’s our duty to our clients to ensure that they have every opportunity to reap the benefits of this new world.


31st March, 2016

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