Advertising is not Marketing.

by David Stewart (other articles by David Stewart)

This topic confuses many people and often they are taken as one and the same. Agents in particular love to talk about marketing. When they discuss the placement of ads in the paper, on the net, brochures and other associated promotional material they will more often than not class this as marketing.

It’s not, it’s advertising. It’s very true that advertising is a component of marketing but they are not the same thing. It’s interesting that so many agents who command control over thousands of dollars of their clients money and sell themselves as marketing experts have such a fundamentally flawed understanding of basic marketing and advertising concepts.

Let me break it down. Advertising is simply the act of taking product information and making it available to the general public. Whether that be through one medium or a cross section of mediums such as print, online, direct mail or email notifications the act of sending that information to a wider audience is the essence of advertising.

Marketing is much bigger. It is the complete strategy of promoting a company, product and its services through the planning, strategy, implementation, measuring, quantifying results, market research and preparation of an overall plan to get your message out.

Many parts of marketing don’t include advertising such as the planning and strategy sections or indeed the measuring and quantifying the results but they are equally as important as the advertising in a complete and comprehensive plan.

It is vitally important that when it comes time to choose an agent you hire a professional that can put a total plan in place for you and not just someone who is adept at booking in photographers and copywriters.

The better and more thought out your marketing plan is the better the result you are likely to get for your property.

Call Market Share Property, we live and breathe marketing excellence.

20th April, 2015

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