A Real Estate Agent can be ethical and win!

by Chris Bellesini (other articles by Chris Bellesini)

I observed the negotiation skills of John Pratt in our office yesterday and wanted to share this story for a very important reason. It is an insight into what goes on in a Real Estate Office and is the difference between a good & bad agent, and why it is so important to have the RIGHT strategy for the RIGHT property.

Real Estate Agents often receive great testimonials from happy vendors who have just guided them through what is often a stressful process. But what is better than a written testimonial, in my opinion, is what is not written.

John was dealing with a Buyers Advocate on a property that he had multiple offers on. The Buyers Advocate had worked in a large Real Estate office in the past and knew how the system works and how to put pressure on an Agent. During negotiations he complained to John that the method of private sale by tender was not fair because his was the first offer in and therefore should get preferential treatment by disclosing the other offers just to him. Each buyer is given only one shot to put in their best offer and the winner of the property would be the most acceptable offer to the vendor.

The Buyers Advocate complained that this method was not fair.

John asked why, and the response he got is the ultimate testimonial to the system that John applied to this sale.

“It is not fair because it my client will have to offer their maximum amount for the property if they don’t know what the other offers are!”

John simply smiled and said yes that is correct.

Isn’t that the perfect testimonial? A Buyers Advocate who is a professional negotiator thinking a system that works in the vendors favour is not right.

In fairness the Buyers Advocate was just doing the job he is paid to do for his buyer and John took the ethical high road and refused to cave in to his demands

The result was that the property sold for a great price to the Buyers Advocates client, who was very happy and even the buyers that missed out thanked John for being so honest in his dealings with them. How often in Real Estate are the vendors happy, the buyers happy and even the buyers who missed out, whilst disappointed, are also happy.

If you are thinking of selling, and want the best possible price, call John or any of the team at Market Share Property and we can show you how you too can achieve an outstanding result and still be ethical and honest.


11th April, 2016

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