A Modern Space to do Business.

by David Stewart (other articles by David Stewart)

Over the years of running real estate offices I have harboured a desire to create a working space far removed from what has become the norm of Australian offices. I have grown to dislike cubicles, big desks and stuffy environments that do little for the consumer and stifle the creativity of the staff who spend countless hours working there. In fact, visiting a real estate office is stressful enough with so much money on the line that the cold and corporate like offices of today only serve to add to the discomfort for all concerned.

It is with this in mind that we have moved in an entirely different direction. Our office will be a comfortable and non-threatening space that allows for people to discuss business in a café style format, free from imposing desks, bleak fluorescent lights and terrible coffee. We have done away with agent desks and created a very informal and relaxing place to discuss the buying or selling of real estate.

In the last few years I often found myself in coffee shops, cafes and restaurants with my clients discussing their real estate needs instead of meeting at the office. This practice meant that we were often surrounded by strangers as my clients and customers were discussing a fairly important and sensitive purchasing or selling decision and while preferable to the sterile office, still not ideal.

We decided to bring the café to us and so our layout was born. Our office is sure to be unlike any real estate office you’ve ever been in before but the design has been carefully created to allow for maximum comfort and provide a space for agents and consumers to meet where everyone feels at ease. The purchase of a great coffee machine also means the coffee is likewise fantastic!

24th June, 2014

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