What a Year!

by David Stewart (other articles by David Stewart)

Well that was an amazing year for us.

On reflection we have achieved so much.

We finalised our rollout of our software to agents throughout Australia and New Zealand and as of yesterday we now have 502 agencies with access to Market Buy. It is known by many different names as we supply the software and branding for the agents and they then create their own product name for it and market it as an in house product.

Some names in the market place include Click and Bid, Hybrid Sale, Evolution Sale, Click 2 Buy, Click 2 Offer, Online Sale and many more.

We have refined our processes over the second half of the year and have listened intently to requests from agents using our software and have incorporated most of the suggestions they have offered us to ensure that they get the greatest benefit from our product.

Leesa, Joel, Belinda and I have worked tirelessly to ensure that this is the most powerful and effective sales tool to ever be introduced into the real estate market.

It’s not for everyone, but those who have embraced this new thinking have found new and exciting ways to use this system to not only make the sales process more efficient but also provide a compelling point of difference in their local market place.

We are continuing our expansion through out the Stockdale & Leggo and @Realty offices and have ramped up our training efforts to ensure our agents are given all the information and tools they need to make this software work for them.

A special thanks to some of our notable early adopters who have greatly helped us refine our product and have proven themselves to be adept and skilled agents who display great courage, foresight and patience in dealing with new technology in the real estate space.

Chris Gilmour, Phil Taylor, Dylan Ansems, Jason McNamara, Troy Boettcher, Michael Morris, Mark Brown, Christine Turner, Wendy Scott, James Taylor and Anna Thomas in particular have been outstanding supporters of our product and we truly value their early input. It’s something we will never forget and they will hold a founding member status in our ever growing company for as long as we are around.

In addition to this we won the REIV Innovation award and we are now a Finalist in the REIA Innovation Award to be announced in Sydney this coming March.

With more and more companies coming on board every day we are gearing up for a massive 2018 and we are extremely excited about what lies ahead for us.

Keep an eye out for online sales coming to your market place soon!

12th January, 2018

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