Digital Lives

by David Stewart (other articles by David Stewart)

We all live in a digital world, whether we like it or not. We are all fixated by our phones.

You see people walking through throngs of others with their eyes glued to their screens. They may be texting friends, checking Facebook or checking Google maps to see where they are.

Even more recently we have seen the explosive phenomenon of Pokemon Go, which compelled millions of people from their armchairs to wander the streets chasing imaginary monsters in an augmented reality game that, in it’s first week, overtook Twitter for it’s number of daily users.

It is truly amazing times we are living in and while these intrusions of technology gain the ire of some, none of us can deny that our connectedness to our online lives is now constant. These changes have been creeping steadily into our lives for a decade now and we have now reached a point that a dead battery or a misplaced phone can bring near panic in many.

What can we do with this constant state of plug in? Should we ignore its applications and hope it just goes away? Do we wistfully long for the days when you couldn’t be tracked 24 hours a day?

Well, we could but you would be living in a fantasy. No, it’s here and not only is it here to stay but our interactions with technology are only going to grow exponentially over the coming years. We must embrace it and adapt not only our personal lives but also our business practices to cater to this new world.

At Market Share Property we love technology. We understand people’s desire to work with us in a way that is both accessible and convenient for them. This is the reason we developed Market Buy.

We wanted our customers and clients to tap into and benefit from those screens all our eyes are staring at. Market Buy is an online offer management system that gives consumers transparency, flexibility and the freedom to buy property on the go.

Gone are the days of filing into a real estate office to dredge through a mountain of paperwork, only to find you were beaten by $20,000. Now you can make live offers from anywhere you can get an Internet connection and as a homeowner, you can see these offers live.

At MSP we will never stop pushing the envelope, our clients have come to expect and indeed, demand it from us. Those who don’t adapt are sure to dwindle into insignificance.

Those who are mobile enough, flexible enough and innovative will thrive in a digital world that is evolving around us not on a weekly or a yearly basis but daily.

Are you willing to be left behind?

22nd July, 2016

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