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Hi. If you're anything like me you have little time for bullcrap, so let me cut straight to the chase.

I work hard and I work smart. I have recently been nominated for the 2016 Game Changers award by REA, which puts me as one of the top 3 Innovators in real estate in Australia.

I bring 19 years of experience, passion and dedication to your sale and you simply will not find another agent that can do what I can.

You don’t care what I do with my time off or what a top bloke I think I am, you just want to know that I am at the cutting edge of Australian real estate and I can get your place sold in a way no other agent can.

So call me but be prepared for what you get, I come in with boundless enthusiasm, a fierce desire to win and the past results to back my claims.

Let's chat, I'm excited to show you what I can do.